Ted’s Top TEDs

Ok, so TED Talks are very groovy right now. Everyone’s watching them and posting them and being deeply moved by them. Being named Ted, I tried to avoid following the lemmings, but even I succame to the beacons of genius. Here’s my Top 25 in no particular order (okay, there’s only 9 right now, but I’m getting there).

A Teacher Who Can Be Replaced by a Machine, Should Be…
(This one really blew my mind)

Wish I Had This Guy in High School…

That Khan Guy…
(One of my personal heros, eventhough he’s getting a little overplayed right now [but then, so did Stairway to Heaven])

What Teachers Make…
(I know, this is YouTube, but it’s also on TED)

Learning Must Embrace Failure

A Wise Man Is Hard to Find…

Learning by Being
(this one made me cry, but I’m sentimental like that)

Math Revolution…

A Quickie About Swaping Stats For Calculus

This doesn’t have anything to do with education, I just think it’s brilliant…

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