The Recession Good for eLearning?

This is an interesting question posed in the article by Marc J. Rosenberg Marc my Words: Is the Recession Good for eLearning? published in Learning Solutions online. In it, Rosenberg states that the previous recession was bad for elearning because it was a relatively new industry in 2002 and most companies didn’t want to take the risk and switched back to “traditional” learning (whatever that is). But this time, the technology and proliferation of elearning is such that schools and companies are seeing a way to get more training/learning for their buck. I think this idea has got to be true on some level, but how does this translate for instructional designers? As we’ve seen since the dawn of online learning, a lot of bad courses will probably be created by people with no ID skills who just pile a bunch of words and pictures onto some new-fangled LMS and call it a course. The smart companies will recognize the greater potential and hire professional instructional designers to create their courses and training to ensure they are as,  if not more, effective than their previous incarnations. I’ve seen a lot more ID jobs activity being posted on the various blogs and groups I belong to, both for fulltime and contract positions, so by that measure, I guess the recession is good for business. All that activity then begs the question, is the recession good for online instructors?

About Ted Henning

Ted Henning is a teacher, instructional designer, education technologist and reform crusader. He hopes for world peace and to become a better guitarist.
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