Ted Talks at the Serious Play Conference on August 23rd

Ok, so it’s not that Ted Talks (at least not yet), but I will be speaking at the Serious Play Conference in Redmond, Washington August 23rd – 25th. I’ll be presenting my ideas about Using Commercial Video Games as Serious Games in a Standards-based curriculum and walk through some of the teaching guides available on this site as examples of how to use these entertainment games to excite, engage and motivate modern students. If you’re not familiar with Serious Play, here’s a quote from their promo material – “The leading serious game developers, analysts covering serious games, authors of the latest books on game design and senior project directors already leveraging games for corporate and military training, healthcare and education are heading to Serious Play Conference Tuesday – Thursday, Aug. 23 – 25, 2011 at DigiPen Institute of Technology.” It will be my first big presentation, so any advice you may have on how to not completely embarrass myself would be welcome.

About Ted Henning

Ted Henning is a teacher, instructional designer, education technologist and reform crusader. He hopes for world peace and to become a better guitarist.
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2 Responses to Ted Talks at the Serious Play Conference on August 23rd

  1. sampabon says:

    Hey Prof. Henning,

    As far as your actual presentation …
    Jesse Dee has some of THE BEST presentations that I have ever seen.
    His style of preparing a slide-deck might be perfect for what you will be doing.

  2. Tiffany says:

    Listening to your speech RIGHT NOW. So far so good.

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